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Integrated Management Solutions

At Kipling, we understand that the rules by which a successful business operates by today are very different from the rules of 20 to 30 years ago. The widespread use of technology has dramatically cut response times and elevated customer expectations of service. So what does it take to succeed in today’s world and differentiate yourself from the competition? When it comes right down to it, there are only two ways: the first is through innovation and the second is through the relationships you create.

In response to these changing times, Kipling has created a leading edge service delivery model for the property management industry that will set a new standard in building operations while reducing both tenant and owner costs. We call this Integrated Management Solutions.

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Integrated Management Solutions is an innovative approach to property management that utilizes highly skilled specialists in all areas to maximize the performance of the real estate asset in a more streamlined and cost efficient manner than traditional property management. As the  business of property management becomes more and more complex with technological innovation, sustainability initiatives, new legislation and intense competition for tenants, it is imperative that building staff are constantly re-trained and re-educated to maximize the performance of a real estate asset into which substantial investment has been made.

Kipling’s Integrated Management Solutions approach provides best in class property management services by bringing the industry’s best people in at ground level – experts who know building operations today and are in training for what is coming down the pipe in the future. These facilities experts are provided through Black & McDonald, one of Canada’s largest facilities management companies. Having Black & McDonald’s specialists as part of our property management team ensures that our clients receive the highest level of customer service and building performance.

Our Core Property Management Disciplines

Service Excellence

Kipling Group’s dedicated team of real estate professionals understands that the most important aspect of property management is service excellence. We offer customized property management services to address the needs of our diverse clientele and provide well-executed strategies that offer value for tenants and maximize returns for investors.

Our success reflects our understanding that it is only exceptional service that sets us apart. We focus on quality at every level from the building operator through to the senior management team. Working together with our clients to create exceptional building services is what we do best.


Communication is the cornerstone of building trust, respect and partnership with all business associates. In this age of digital communication and social networking, communication becomes even more critical in the success of any property manager.


At Kipling, we strive to stay on the leading edge of all new technologies yet embrace all forms of communication from emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, web-conferences and more traditional methods such as telephone calls, conference calls, in person meetings, letters and printed marketing materials.

We also understand that sometimes it is necessary to tailor communication efforts to suit the audience.

In all of our communication efforts we strive to provide the following:

Our People

At Kipling, we know that every personnel decision we make on behalf of an owner can have an impact on the success of an asset. As we continue to build our business, we look to recruit people whose skills and competencies closely match the core competencies of our company. By having the right people in the right job we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible. As a result, when we obtain a new property management contract, the transition to Kipling is seamless. We seek out people whose personality and communication skills are as strong as their technical knowledge. Once in place, we empower these people to act quickly and responsibly to address issues, identify opportunities and to properly represent our clients’ interests. From these ingredients come the focus and passion that make Kipling an unparalleled provider of management services.


Our success reflects our understanding that it truly is exceptional service that sets us apart. We focus on quality at every level from the building operator through to the senior management team. Working together with our clients to create exceptional building services is what we do best.

At Kipling, we also embrace change and growth. We strive to continuously improve in the area of client satisfaction, cost control, expanded use of technology and strategic planning. We are creative thinkers dedicated to enhancing the value of our portfolio for the benefit of our clients. The results we have achieved thus far speak for themselves. We are poised to face the continued challenges of the global economy with a clear focus and the resources to make a difference.

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