Kipling is pleased to celebrate Earth Day and help promote awareness for improving the health of our planet.  At our organization, we believe we have a duty to act as stewards of the environment and our communities. We have embarked on an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) journey that places environmental and sustainability considerations into our day-to-day decision making and operations.

Key programs that we have proudly planned and executed in our properties include:

  • LEED certification and re-certification
  • BOMA Best
  • GRESB sustainability benchmarking
  • Living walls and green roofs
  • Rooftop beehives
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Battery and electronics recycling programs
  • Utilities management through water and energy savings
  • Waste reduction and innovative recycling programs
  • Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products

We are excited to continue “going green” in our operations and doing our part for the planet.