About Kipling

Kipling Group is a full service, multifaceted real estate management organization, catering to large institutional clients, private equity funds and high net worth individuals. Kipling manages all asset classes and through Forest Hill Kipling, manages multi-family residential and condominium properties.

The objective of Forest Hill Kipling is to re-define residential property management in Canada through superior resident satisfaction and innovation in marketing, leasing and property operations.

Job Description

Kipling is currently looking for an engaged, motivated, and great people person with experience in the Ontario condominium sector. The ideal candidate has experience with Tarion process for new condominiums and drive to succeed. You are a candidate that wants to be part of a small firm with an eye on the future and will to aid in continuing to build the best bespoke condominium management company in the GTA. The relationships forged in our firm will last a lifetime and we are excited to meet you!


  • Motivate, train, and develop site staff, managing performance to expectations and established standards.
  • Be responsible and accountable for the supervision and activities of the team.
  • Ensure the effective monitoring and control of all building access.
  • Maintain thorough knowledge and understanding of emergency procedures including fire, flood, and mold remediation.
  • Supervise site administrator and coach them to ensure service excellence.

Customer Service / Resident Relations

  • Professionally and courteously handle all inquiries, feedback, complaints, or concerns from residents.
  • Ensure a high level of resident relations is maintained through regular contact and proactive attention to resident needs.
  • Foster an excellent customer service culture amongst all staff.
  • Maintain professional and timely correspondence with Residents and outside agencies.
  • Communicate condominium related activities to all residents regularly in a timely fashion.

Health and Safety

Ensure compliance with all legislation, including but not limited to: The Condominium Act, Fire Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act Comply with regular fire and life safety standards including monthly testing and annual drills Ensure all vendors and contractors comply with the established health and safety policy, and immediately report any infractions, hazardous conditions, or damaged equipment Ensure the Condominium Corporation meets AODA requirements.

Building Operations

  • Tenders and negotiate all contracts including but not limited to Fire safety, HVAC, landscaping, pool maintenance, snow removal, painting, and other maintenance services as required.
  • Schedule regular maintenance work and working on renewal contracts to ensure they are in place before expiry of current ones.
  • Inspects and follows up repairs following insurable losses with the insurance adjuster, residents, Board, and contractors.
  • Ensures that all maintenance logs and checklists for all maintenance are maintained and kept up to date.
  • Establishes a Preventative Maintenance Program relating to all aspects of the physical components of the building including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety systems.
  • Attempts to ensure that all deficiency matters are resolved in a timely basis by consulting with the BOD.
  • Complete monthly site inspection and provide report to senior management and BOD.
  • Prepare in-suite maintenance programs and schedules and directing admin to schedule security escorts as may be required from time to time.
  • Follow up and ensure that all items on building inspections are attended to.
  • Supervises contractors, arranges work schedules, and monitors contractors’ performance.
  • Assist in the procuring of new contracts as required.
  • Implement an emergency management plan and responding to emergencies.
  • Responsible for the completion of items as they appear on the building operational check list and planned budgeted expenses.


  • Ensure that proper records are kept for the condominium corporation as per the Condominium Act requirements.
  • Familiarity with computer and developing systems to operate the condominium efficiently.
  • Working knowledge of all other Government Acts & Codes which affect the management of condominium properties. (i.e. Human Rights, Fire Code, Elevators, Municipal Bylaws, Workers Compensation, Employment Standards, etc.).
  • Maintain accurate records and documents for the condominium corporation, including an up-to-date owner’s register with all non-resident owner’s information.
  • Provide timely reports to Head Office and BOD as per PMA (i.e. building inspection, operational check list, building inventory, management report, etc.).
  • Attend meetings and seminars as required.
  • Prepare owners’ meeting packages and budget packages for distribution in a timely fashion. Issuing meeting notices and reporting on the affairs of the corporation to the BOD.
  • Organize board meetings and overseeing administration of all owners’ meetings.
  • Perform duties within the scope of Management Contract.
  • Ensure timely and proper insurance is in place for the condominium corporation.
  • Advise senior management and BOD on legal matters where capable and refer items to lawyer when and if required with approval of BOD.
  • Ensure that all occurrences are reported to senior management and BOD.
  • Prepare status certificates, ICU’s, PIC’s, and NOIC.
  • Work with shared facilities manager building manager to ensure smooth operations of the condominium.
  • Ensure compliance with the Declaration, By-laws, and Rules of the Corporation.
  • ‪Ensure emergency procedures are current and implemented.
  • ‪Ensure all condominium preventive and seasonal maintenance programs are current and implemented appropriately as required.
  • Assist BOD with developing and enforcing existing standard operating policies and procedures such as Contractor guidelines, health and safety policy and business continuity plan.
  • Coordinate property tours and inspections for appraisals, building condition surveys and environmental assessments.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate governance and all applicable government regulations at all times.


  • Review the financial statement, balance sheet and general ledger on monthly basis.
  • Review the balance sheet and financial statement with the Senior Management & BOD and discusses all budget accounts and variances as required.
  • Advising the board on financial responsibilities (e.g., contributions to the reserve fund, long-term reserve fund planning) Prepare a pro-forma budget projection of revenue and expenses to year end after receipt of the nine-month statement and presents to Senior Management the first draft of the Annual Operating Budget before presenting it to the BOD.
  • Responsible for strict budget control and receiving proper approval to undertake expense repairs under the terms of the Management Contract.
  • Maintain a listing of planned expenditures for upcoming budget year.
  • Seek proper approvals and stay within lines of spending authority as set out by the PMA.
  • Responsible for the collection of common element fees.
  • Responsible for authorizing PO’s issued by site administrator and approve all expenditures prior to being sent to Head office for processing.
  • Ensure proper allocation of expenses as per approved budget.
  • Prepare draft annual budgets and ensuring reserve fund expenses are in line with the Condominium Act and Condominium Corporation’s policies.
  • Ensure timely collection of Common Element Fees from unit owners and follow up on arrears and follow established collection policies.
  • Report/update Regional Manager and Board of Directors about units in arrears.
  • Advise the board on financial responsibilities (e.g., contributions to the reserve fund, long-term reserve fund planning) Prepare variance reports on monthly unaudited financial statement and scheduling annual audit.

Related Duties

  • Well organized and a team player is an essential element of the job.
  • Develop and maintain excellent interpersonal and communication skills both written and oral.
  • Being professional and courteous at all times.
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities and tasks with an ability to work beyond a standard work week.
  • Periodically review the planning and development aspects of the surrounding neighbourhood and foreshadows any potential problems.
  • Uphold company’s mission, vision, and values serving as a brand and cultural ambassador for our residents, co-workers, vendors, and the public Responding to after hour emergencies as may be required from time to time.

List of Site-Specific Responsibilities

  • Respond to resident complaints regarding damages, water and odour penetration, construction defects etc. and attend at the unit to confirm complaint, assess the concern, and determine course of action. Contact the appropriate trade and/or developer to investigate and repair.
  • Assess losses such as water leaks in order to determine if the loss is owner responsibility or corporation responsibility. If owner responsibility, advise of chargeback and owner obligation and if Corporation assess damage and insurance claim if needed.
  • Meet vendors on site to obtain information such as upgrades, new equipment, proposals.
  • Meet with owners or tenants regarding any rule noncompliance and advise accordingly.


Kipling supports equal opportunities and invests in a diverse and multicultural work force that values individuals with unique personalities, goals, backgrounds and views. This reinforces Kipling’s culture, enhances collaboration and makes for an inclusive work environment.

Kipling will work with individuals requiring accommodation throughout the hiring process. If you require accommodation, please advise our HR team by emailing careers@kiplingrealty.com