Kipling is proud to announce that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience.

Richard Geurts, Kipling’s Chief Executive Officer, said “The culture of a company is defined by its people. It can’t be created in a policy nor reflected in a manual. It is an intentional series of acts that develops over time. A company that genuinely cares and is passionate about its performance is one that embraces the values of inclusion, diversity, tolerance and respect.”

“Kipling is fiercely protective of its culture and is committed to continuing to embrace and enhance our values that better reflect our community. It is our strong belief that a growing and productive company can only be successful if it has a culture that fully engages all of its employees in a meaningful way. That commitment will lead to an improved service delivery model for our clients, strong reputation and continued prosperity.”

“As we strive to be leaders in our industry, Kipling will continue to be committed to its employees and to our values so that we can take pride in contributing to both a healthy workplace and the communities within which we operate.”

Nancy Fonseca, Senior Vice President of Great Place to Work® Canada, says that a great workplace is about the level of trust that employees experience in their leaders, the level of pride they have in their jobs, and the extent to which they enjoy their colleagues. “Our data shows that great workplaces benefit from stronger financial performance, reduced turnover, and better customer satisfaction than their peers. What’s more, work environments with trust at the foundation are ripe for innovation, agility, resilience and efficiency,” Fonseca said.